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” she said99久久久国产精品消防器材
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” she said99久久久国产精品消防器材

Note: I am not the Author of this story. I recently read this much of the story on this website (XNXX) with less grammar etc. I searched the web for the rest of the story and will be uploading them part by part at some point during this week. The reason for the delay in uploads is that I am editing Grammar, Paragraphs, and re-typing sections of it. So consider this story Camping With Mom: Remastered.After about an hour and a half, I noticed that her heartbeat still remained rapid, as did mine. I could tell her eyes were still wide open, and I was still thinking of her hot naked body pressed so tightly against mine. It was around this time that I noticed it was cold outside our sleeping roll, which was very wet with our sweat. There was no heavy breeze against our tent, though I still heard the rain dropping against it. As I continued to calm down from what had just transpired, I felt her sweat mingling with mine, very warm, and could feel the tightness of our roll, pressing us so closely together, our skin morphing around each other’s.Even after all this time, my dick was still semi-hard, though it was bending under her ass cheeks. Somehow, the very thought of my dick seemed to cause it to spring to life, as I felt it increasing the pressure against my mother's butt. It appeared I wasn't wrong in guessing my mother was still awake. She felt the growing cock and said, “Can't seem to get to sleep can you?"“I'm sorry mom." I said a little sheepishly. She started rubbing her sweat moistened ass against my hips, causing my dick to slip to its original position. I could feel the cum that I’d had left there earlier.She said, “I guess we'll just have to try again until it goes away." I didn't want to give any argument, I was eager to be humping my mother again.“Are you sure you want to go again?" I asked half-heartedly.“Look,” she said, “The only way we can get any sleep is if you don’t have that thing keeping us up. This is all we can do for now, so let’s just get this over with.” Surprisingly, she was already half out of breath. I started thrusting my dick in between her upper thighs, this time sliding it right under her cunt. I knew this time would be a lot longer, so I decided to enjoy myself even more.Not even a minute into it we were both moaning again. I slipped my dick back into her now slippery pussy, easily sliding it back and forth. This was actually going to happen again! Soon enough we were into the full swing of things, me banging my mother as hard as I could, fucking her full force with every thrust of my hips. I thought the roll would surely rip, but with the tightness of our sweating bodies, there was actually room inside it.I was grabbing all over her now, keeping my pinned hand holding her as close as possible to me, while moving my free hand from her full bosoms, her nipples softer, yet hard enough to stick out, to her pussy, pressing her ass hard into my pelvis.After a while, she said to me between heavy breaths, “Could I ask you another selfish question?” At this I started to stop, but she told me to keep going.I told her, “Sure, I'll do anything you want." She moaned a little.“This time could you do it from behind?" She started moaning loudly again. This caught me off guard, and she felt me tense up while still pushing my dick into her pussy. She said, “It's just that I don't want it to leak out during the night. There's already a lot in there" while taking pauses to pant heavily.I said, “Alright, if you want me to" also taking pauses to pant heavily. Without even allowing me to finish my sentence, she pushed her hips forward, and then thrust her butt out, causing my dick to slide right in. It was considerably tighter, but pre-cum built up on my cock lubricated it some, so there wasn't too much friction.Now I had my hand on her entire vagina, pushing her ass even harder against me. She moaned every time I pushed against her immensely wet and hairy pussy. I decided I would stick my middle finger into it, and she took great pleasure in this, moaning much louder and uncontrolled, lasting a few seconds, followed by more quick loud moans. Waves of pleasure were crashing over me with each of her moans, compounded by the tightness of my own mother’s asshole.I slipped my pinned hand further under her so that I could hold her in the center of her heaving breasts, trying to increase my pleasure. Every thrust was overloading my brain with absolute pleasure, almost causing me to black out. I barely held on to consciousness, I wanted to feel every blissful moment that I lay with my mother. As we were in the crest of our passion, she was practically shouting at me, “Fuck me! Ooooh yes fuck me! Cum in me! Give Momma your sperm! I want you in me! I want your dick baby! Come on honey, give me your cock!”Every word crashed on me like a tidal wave, releasing my throws of passion. “I’ll fuck you all night! I want you Mom! I’ll give you my dick! You can have me! I’ll cum in you! Oh yes Mommy! Yes Mommy!” We couldn’t contain it anymore. We were full out fucking. I was giving her every last thing I had. I was biting at her shoulder while she was throwing her head back, thrusting her entire body at me. We were so tightly pressed I’m surprised there was any movement at all.Finally, I came right inside her ass, thrusting harder than I had all night, practically splitting my mom’s ass cheeks. She screamed out with passionate agony, “YEHHHHHHHHHHHSSSS!” Her scream was so loud I could have sworn someone would come looking for us. I was now blasting the inside of her ass, releasing more cum than I thought possible. It was already dripping out my mother’s ass before I was finished. Halfway through finishing from behind her, she pushed against the ground forcing her ass even harder onto me. Because I was already at the top of my threshold, this shot a final wave of pleasure in me that finally did it. I blacked out.I woke up to the comforting glow of the sun shining through the tent. I was still somewhat drowsy and not quite awake, nothing like sleeping in the freezing cold to make sure you don't get a good night’s rest. It became readily apparent that there was quite a bit more room in the sleeping bag than there had been last night. Where had Mom gone? As I asked the question to myself, the reality of what we had done last name came rushing over me like a tidal wave. "Holy shit" I thought to myself. I really just fucked my Mom last night. Sure I had fantasized about it, but what horny teenage boy hadn't? I never thought in a million years that I'd actually do it though. How was this going to change our relationship? How did she feel about it? Will I ever be able to look her in the eye? My mind was racing with the possible consequences of the incestuous act that had taken place in that tight sleeping bag the night before. Well I certainly wasn't going to get any answers laying here in the tent, I guess I better get up and face the day...and my Mom.Grabbing some clothes from my bag, I unzipped the tent and stepped out. I was greeted by my Mom cooking breakfast over the campfire."Good morning honey!" she exclaimed.She didn't seem fazed by last night; in fact, she was acting like I hadn't been fucking her in the ass less than 12 hours ago."Morning Mom" I replied"Did you sleep alright?""Yeah, but mom, we need to talk abou-""Listen, what happened last night was...wrong. It's incest Jake, you know that.""I know Mom; I just got caught up in the moment and couldn't control myself""It wasn't your fault; I didn't exactly put a stop to the situation either. I think it's just best if we put it behind us and move on. What do you think about that?""That's probably best"Well at least the awkwardness of it was out of the way, but I have to admit that I was slightly hurt. Last night she seemed so...into it, and this morning, she makes it sound like one big mistake."Well enough about that, why don't you come over here and eat breakfast while I get ready. We still have 5 or 6 miles to go before we get to the campsite."She handed me a plate of bacon and eggs and went back to the tent to change. I still was confused and full of turmoil on the inside and frankly, I wasn't that hungry. I poked at the food idly and thought of the events that had occurred the night before. Her words played back in my mind as I reflected on the previous evening. "Give Momma your sperm! I want you in me!""About ready to go?" she asked. Her words shot me back down to earth from my dream-like state. I turned around to look at her and saw she was wearing a tight fitting black tank top, which from the looks of things, was about two sizes too small, and a pair of jean shorts that clung to her ass perfectly."Uh yeah, just let me grab my bag" I replied.As mom lead our trek to the campsite, I couldn't stop my mind from wandering to the events of the night before. She seemed so into it last night, she NEEDED me. What had happened to make her change her mind? Then it dawned on me. She just fucked her son last night, how could she possibly advocate that? She couldn't let me know that she enjoyed it and wanted to do it again. She couldn't tell me how she wanted my cock more than anything right now. She couldn't say any of those things. I had to take the lead. What if I was wrong though? What if she meant what she said this morning? I guess I'd just have to take a chance. As I kept walking, I began to formulate a plan. I was going to have my mother before this trip was over, and that was that.We were making good progress; the weather was definitely helping with that. Today's weather was a welcome change from the rain and winds of last night. It was still morning, but already starting to get hot out. It must have been about 85 degrees out and rising fast with no sign of a cloud in sight. To be quite honest, I was starting to get uncomfortable. I had dressed while it was still brisk out this morning, fully expecting another day like yesterday. I was quickly finding that long pants and a wind breaker was not a good idea for a hot day"Hey mom, hold on for a second" I yelled out. "I'm gonna change clothes real quick, it's getting pretty hot out here.""That's not a bad idea,无码精品人妻一区二区三区老牛 I'm starting to break a sweat" she replied.I took my backpack off and unzipped it to try and find some more suitable clothes. I took out a pair of shorts and put my windbreaker in the backpack."Mom, I'm going to change over th-" I started to say as I looked up from my backpack. My mom evidently didn't mind changing clothes right here because she was already almost naked. She had taken off her long sleeve shirt and pants and now was standing less than 10 feet away from me wearing a lacy white bra and a pair of matching thong underwear. Looking at her almost naked reminded me how badly I wanted her."What was that sweetie?" she asked, seemingly oblivious to her current state of undress."Um, I forgot what I was going to say. I'm sure it wasn't important" I managed to spit out."Oh, well OK. Hurry up and get changed so we can make it to camp. The last thing I want to do is get caught in a rainstorm again." she said with what appeared to be a wink."She didn't just wink at me...did she?" I pondered as I began to change. "No way" I thought to myself and started to undress. "It's just my horny teen mind playing tricks on me". I stood up and started to pull up my shorts when I glanced over at mom only to find her looking right back at me. That didn't last long though, she sheepishly averted her gaze. "Odd" I thought. "Very odd"."Alright, let's go" I said as I picked my backpack up off the ground and put it back on my shoulders. As I looked ahead though, I got quite the sight. Mom had decided on a tight pair of jean shorts and a t-shirt that clung to her breasts perfectly. From the looks of things, it looks like she had taken off her bra. "Surely not" I thought.The following hours were largely uneventful. As the day went on, the temperature kept rising. It was late afternoon by this point, and the temp had risen to the high 90's. During the long walk, I allowed my mind to wander as I walked behind my mother. The jean shorts she had put on clung perfectly to her ass. I couldn't stop thinking about how good my dick felt going into that perfect ass last night. My dick was starting to get hard thinking about fucking her and shooting my cum deep in her. I have to admit, with all this daydreaming, I wasn't really paying attention to where I was going. Before I knew what was happening, I was ripped out of my daydream by something on the path. I had tripped over a tree root and was sticking my arms out and flailing in an attempt to regain my balance. The only thing in front of me was mom, who was oblivious to my falling. Before I knew what I was doing, my hands had found a source of stability...my mom's breast. I grabbed hold of her breast with one hand and her side with the other and soon she was supporting my full weight. Unfortunately, she wasn't expecting this, and fell to the ground with me on top of her. The current situation reminded me of last night. My hard dick in my mom's ass? Check. Me groping her? Check. I quickly realized this was quite different. Instead of sex, I had tackled my mom. Shit."Oh my god mom, are you alright?" I quickly asked."Yeah, but what the hell was that for?" she replied, obviously slightly pissed."I wasn't paying attention to where I was going, I tripped on a tree root or something" I said as I got up off of her. She'd be an idiot not to know that I had a huge hardon. I held out my hand to help her up."It's alright, just be more careful honey.""Will do" I said as I pulled her up off the ground."Now I'm all dirty" she huffed as she started to brush her chest off. The way her breasts jiggled as she brushed them, combined with the accidental grope earlier confirmed my suspicions. She wasn't wearing a bra, and from the looks of things, she was turned on. Her nipples were clearly visible through her thin t-shirt. "Well if we're done playing football, I'd like to get to camp before sunset Jake" she said as she readjusted her backpack, turned around, and kept walking.It wasn't a long walk before we got to camp. We'd been here once before, but not to this particular camp site. It was secluded, and surrounded by trees. The sound of running water was faint in the distance."Honey, would you go gather some firewood? I'm starting to get hungry and we need to set up a fire unless you like your food cold" she joked."Sounds good, I'll be back in a few."I started walking into the woods, hoping to find enough firewood to keep a fire going for the night. I soon found the source of the running water. A small stream feeding into a pond. I bent down to feel the water. It was cool, but not too cold. The perfect temperature for swimming on a hot day like this. I made a mental note of where the pond was, grabbed some firewood, and made my way back to the camp. Much to my surprise, the tent was already set up, and mom was unpacking the food."Great, you're back. Why don't you get a fire going so we can eat?""Alright" I said as I started to build the fire. "By the way, while I was collecting wood, I found a small pond, it might be fun to go swimming after dinner""Sounds like a plan to me" she smiled.Soon we had finished dinner and the sun had started to set. Even though the sun was rapidly falling below the horizon, it was still oppressively hot outside."You want to go to that pond I was telling you about?" I asked. "I'm still burning up out here"."I bet a dip would feel great, I've been hot most of the day." she replied."You can say that again" I muttered."What?""Nothing"After a short walk through the woods, we arrived at the pond. The sun had almost completely set, but there was a full moon tonight that cast a faint glow on the pond."You get in first Jake, I'll join you in a second"I complied, taking off my shorts, shirt, and lastly boxers before jumping in the pond. The water felt amazing on my skin, and it was the perfect temp. I looked toward the bank to see my mother undressing. She looked like an angel in the moonlight as she removed her clothes. She slowly slid down her shorts and swayed her hips as she wriggled out of them. Her panties got the same treatment also. Her hips and legs looked beautiful in the moonlight. I hadn't gotten a great look at her the other night in the sleeping bag, but this view more than made up for it. She slid her shirt quickly over her head and her full, round tits popped into view. They looked even more beautiful than I had imagined. Quickly, she jumped into the water also."Oh my god Jake, this water feels amazing" she cooed."You're not joking mom, this is exactly what I needed" I said and then dove underwater. I closed my eyes and swam away from the bank blindly. When I popped up for air, I was quite a bit farther than I thought."Where the hell did you go Jake?" she yelled, not seeing where I was."I was going to ask you the same thing" I yelled back."MARCO!" she screamed."POLO!" I replied. I could see that she was to my left, walking slowly toward me."MARCO!""POLO!" I said, before I quietly dove underwater and swam toward her. I surfaced only a few feet in front of her. I could see she had her eyes closed and was blindly walking around trying to find me."MARCO!" she yelled much too loudly, obviously not realizing I was there. I didn't respond, only walked closer to her. "MARCO?!" she yelled quizzically, not knowing I was inches in front of her. I don't know what came over me, but I decided it was now or never. I had to make my move. I threw my arms around her, pulled her close, and kissed her passionately on the lips. Her eyes sprung open, obviously shocked, but much to my surprise, she didn't pull away. Instead she relaxed, closed her eyes, and kissed me back!I took full advantage of this and began kissing her more insistently. She still hadn't pulled away! I got braver and opened my mouth and slowly began French kissing her. Our tongues met, and danced in each other's mouths. It was like pure heaven. Suddenly, she pulled away."Jake" she said, very out of breath. "We can't be doing this""I don't care, I need you mom" I pleaded as I pulled her in and kissed her again.She briefly resisted and then melted again into my arms as we continued to make out."Honey, stop" she gasped as she pushed me away "I mean it, this can't happen anymore" she said in a hollow attempt at a stern tone."I'm sorry; I don't know what came over me""It's alright Jake, it's perfectly natural to be attracted to women, you just can't act on it when it's your mother. Now why don't we get dressed and head back to camp. It's getting late" she said as she started to swim back to shore."I'll be there in a bit" I said, slightly defeated. I was disappointed to see her grab her clothes and leave. I was hoping to see another show of her amazing body. I slowly made my way to shore, feeling very downtrodden. My plan hadn't worked. She really meant what she said. I was starting to think that last night had been a fluke.I got dressed and went back to camp, hoping to avoid the inevitable awkwardness sure to follow. The fire had been put out, and my guess was mom was already in the tent. I unzipped the flap to the tent and saw that our one sleeping bag had been unzipped and laid out, so it was twice as large. She was lying on one side of it, covered up by a blanket."I was looking through some of the things I packed and found this blanket; hopefully we won't have such cramped sleeping quarters tonight. You can lie next to me and use this blanket to keep warm."I crawled under the blankets and got comfortable. The good news is that it was still fairly warm out, so I wouldn't freeze tonight."Good night mom, love you""Love you too honey, sleep tight"As I lay there, I realized the long walk had taken its toll on me, I was exhausted. I quickly drifted off, thinking thoughts of my mom.To Be Continued...



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