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ShoppingRoger came by my office to take me shopping. I was wearing a knee length skirt. He took my panties and bra off in the car. In the shoe store, the clerk had a hard time keeping his eyes on the shoes he was fitting on my feet. I had spread my knees to give him a glimpse. Roger selected several pairs of shoes and, after getting them in my size, the clerk returned for more glances up my skirt. He seemed to like changing the shoes and suggested that I retry a few when Roger wasn’t sure about which pair to buy.The clerk left to get some spiked red heels. We were the only ones in the store. From across the store, Roger motioned for me to hike up my skirt. When the clerk returned, he was greeted by my skirt pulled up to my hips and my legs wide apart. He stopped when he sat down and looked up. He raised his eyes to mine. I smiled and scooted down. Roger told me later that he could see my clit peeking out of my slit.As I lifted my foot for the clerk to slip the shoe on, I swung my knee out. If my clit had been peaking out before, it was waving now. I realized that it was mean for me to tease the fellow like this. He held the back of the shoe so he could slip on. I reached down and took his hand. I slid it up my leg. When he reached my knee, I slid farther down and lifted my knees. I pulled him forward. His fingers touched my nude mound. I kept pulling, and his fingers slipped into my slit. I moaned. He stopped rubbing my clit as Roger sat down next to me. The clerk looked fearfully at him. Roger held my knee up, opening me wider. I was enjoying the fellow’s fingers rubbing my clit. I moaned and twitched. A minute later, I had an orgasm.Roger bought six pairs of shoes.Next, we went to the lingerie shop. Roger thought I needed some more panties and a corset or a buster. I liked a pink fishnet lace corset. Roger liked a quilted satin corset. Both of them came with matching panties. He thought I should try on a pair of v-string panties. They had them in black and nude.I went into the changing room, undressed, and put on the panties for the pink lace corset. I picked up the corset and realized that it closed in the back with hooks and eyes. I needed help with this. I held the corset over my front and went to join Roger. I had to walk across the store to where he was seated in front of the mirrors.“I need help getting into this.”I stood in front of the mirrors, and he hooked up the back.I turned to look at my front and sides in the mirrors. In addition to the pink net with garter straps hanging down, I saw two women across the store. One of them was about my age and was staring at me. I was standing in a corset and very small panties. When I turned around and looked over my shoulder, the mirror showed all my bottom. My cheeks were naked because all the panties had was a thin strap between my cheeks.“I like those panties with that corset,” he said. “But I’d like to see the corset in black with the thong.”I stood there while the sales lady brought the same corset in black.She held it while Roger undid the back of the pink one. I turned to face him and the whole store. I handed him the corset and took the black one from the sales lady. I turned to let Roger hook me up.The sales lady handed me the tiny panties that matched the black corset. I slid the pink panties down, handed them to Roger, and stepped into the black ones. When I turned back to the mirror, the older woman had found something to stare at on a rack on the other side of the store. The woman my age had moved closer.“Go get the black string panties. And bring the other corset.”In the changing room, I picked up all the lingerie we’d selected. It would save me walking back and forth.After putting the pile of lingerie on the bench next to Roger, I returned to the mirror. The young woman had drawn closer and was no longer pretending to shop.Roger held out the black string panties. “Here.”I slid the black panties down, stepped out, and handed them to Roger. When I pulled the string panties up, even though they were black, they disappeared between my cheeks. In front,人妻丰满熟妇av无码区免费 they barely covered my mound. If I’d had any bush, it would have stuck out around the black mesh. When I faced the mirror, the light skin of my mound showed through the thin material, and my slit was a black line. A man had joined the young woman. Her face was flushed.“I really like those. But wouldn’t it be better if they came off slower?”Roger turned to the sales lady. “Do you have some bikini bottoms that tie on the sides?”She said that they did. While I waited for her to come back. I scanned the store. The older woman had left, but the couple was still in place. The sales lady brought a black bikini. The top would leave half my breasts uncovered. The bottoms were two thin ties connected to a micro thong. I slipped the black mesh panties off and pulled the bikini bottom on.I had to hold the bikini with my wrist while I tied one side and then untied and retied the other side. You couldn’t see my slit through the material, but you had to be shaved to wear it. I stood facing Roger with my hands on my hips. I untied one side and let the ties drop. The whole bottom slid down my leg. “That won’t work,” he said. “Let’s try the other corset.”I faced the mirrors while Roger unfastened the back. He took the black corset back to his chair, leaving me naked. The young woman spoke to the man next to her. He stared at me. Roger brought the quilted satin corset and handed it to me. I held over my front while he hooked up the back. This one covered my top better. “Try the matching panties.”I went to the lingerie pile and bent over while I looked for the satin panties. I found them and returned to the mirror. My nude mound stared at me from the mirror as I stepped into the panties and pulled them up. The satin panties covered my mound a little better and hid my slit.“I think these all work one way or the other. We can play with these on our own. Let’s give all those items to the sales lady, and you can go get dressed.”I backed up so he could unfasten the corset. He handed it to the sales lady. I slipped the panties off and handed them to her. I walked back to the dressing room naked. The man with the woman couldn’t take his eyes off of me.I dressed and when I opened the door of my dressing cubicle, the young woman was standing there.“You are so hot. Does your husband show you off all the time?”“He’s not my husband.”She looked at the ring on my finger. “Oh.”“But I’m still going to fuck him as soon as we get to the car.”



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